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3M™ Adhesive Remover

3M™ Adhesive Remover

Ready-to-use blend of petroleum solvents designed to remove adhesive and tar deposits from exterior vehicle surfaces. To minimize the possibility of staining, do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface.
ITEM# : 60980033884

Directions for Use: 1. Soak cloth with 3M™ Adhesive Remover and apply onto the surface. 2. Rub thoroughly with a soft cloth and remove the excess material with a clean, dry, soft cloth. Repeat as necessary. 3. For stubborn deposits, apply material, allow to soak for one minute and scrub. Tips:- For tar stains on fabric apply 3M™ Adhesive Remover, scrub, and clean using 3M™ All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser or 3M™ Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

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