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3M™ Diamond Resin Wheel 644BI 12V9

3M™ Diamond Resin Wheel 644BI 12V9

ITEM# : 644BI

Face grinding of carbide tipped, fine tooth saws on Vollmer, Akamat, Walters or UTMA machines. Designed for balance between form retention and free cutting. Use with water based coolant.

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MMM-604402596403M™ Diamond Resin Wheel 644BI 12V9data/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-60440260044.jpg320X=0.125 in U=0.25 in 30°6 in x 3/4 in x 1.2598 in243.92$224.83
MMM-604402596573M™ Diamond Resin Wheel 644BI 12V9data/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-60440260044.jpg180X=0.125 in U=0.25 in 20°6 in x 1/2 in x 1.2598 in261.38$240.92
MMM-604402600443M™ Diamond Resin Wheel 644BI 12V9data/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-60440260044.jpg400X=0.125 in U=0.25 in 30°3 in x 0.438 in x 3/8 in130.23$120.04
MMM-604402600693M™ Diamond Resin Wheel 644BI 12V9data/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-60440260044.jpg180X=0.0625 in U=0.25 in 30°3 in x 0.438 in x 1 1/4 in124.35$114.62

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