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3M™ SwatTac™ II MT15H69FB-08 SV

3M™ SwatTac™ II MT15H69FB-08 SV

Combines our most sophisticated surround sound listening electronics with a new slimline profile cup design.
ITEM# : MT15H69FB-08 SV

Allows for continuous communication on 2-ways even when batteries fail; only talk-thru is unavailable until battery replacement. Instantly suppresses harmful impact noises to 82dBA inside earcups. Amplifies up to 18dB ambient noises/voices. Electronic headset for military applications, requires 2 AA batteries for 270 hours of life. Fits under PASGT, MICH and ACH helmets. Military green cup color. MT21 flexible goose neck boom. 2 downleads wired in NATO format. Military and police radio patchcords available. MT15H69FB-08 SV

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