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TheraMints™  100% Xylitol 12119F , Cool Fruit
TheraMints™  100% Xylitol 12119F , Cool Fruit

TheraMints 100% Xylitol (Cool Fruit)

ITEM# : 70201054080

Omnii Theramints are an effective tool for oral hygiene. There are many factors in a patient’s life that can contribute to tooth decay. As you know, frequent consumption of foods, including some mints sweetened with sugar and some sugar substitutes can lead to cavities.Reduced saliva flow and genetics can also be factors. You can’t change some things, but you can use

TheraMints™ 100% Xylitol Sweetened Mints.

• Do not promote tooth decay

• Stimulate saliva flow to fight the harmful effects of dry mouth

• Come in great tasting Fruit flavors.

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