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3M™ Gloss Enhancer

3M™ Gloss Enhancer

Quick and easy spray on/wipe off product that cleans and adds shine and depth to painted surfaces that is clear coat safe.
ITEM# : Gloss Enhancer

3M™ Gloss Enhancer is a quick and easy, "spray on / wipe off" product that can restore a just waxed look and feel. 3M™ Gloss Enhancer is also recommended for use as a spray detailing product to assist in the removal of buffing residue, and as a lubricant for claying a vehicle. Directions for Use: Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot surface.1. Shake well before using.2. Remove any grit that could scratch the paint surface.3. Spray on and wipe off small areas - one panel at a time.4. Remove any dried overspray with a damp cloth.Tips:- For a clay lubricant, use enough 3M™ Gloss Enhancer to completely wet the surface. After claying, wipe off the residue before it dries.

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