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3M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Belts

3M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Belts

A full line of coated abrasive belts for use in sanding, grinding, deburring, blending, finishing and polishing applications. The combination of several minerals, resin systems and backings results in a wide variety of products to meet requirements for use on most wood or metal surfaces.
ITEM# : Floor Surfacing Belts

Tough, aggressive belt. Best productivity and value on bare wood or nongummy finishes. Cuts faster, runs cooler. Features 3M™ Cubitron™ ceramic aluminum oxide mineral blend, 761D. Durable Ywt cloth backing. Non-directional splice.

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MMM-700709879313M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg80Y Grit092487 7/8 in x 33 in167.50$154.39
MMM-700710192393M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg50Y Grit092277 7/8 in x 39 3/8 in214.90$198.08
MMM-700710663703M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg36Y Grit092327-7/8 in x 29-1/2 in143.60$132.36
MMM-700710663883M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg40Y Grit092337-7/8 in x 29-1/2 in138.00$127.20
MMM-700710678083M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg36Y Grit0923511-7/8 in x 29-1/2 in221.10$203.80
MMM-700710678163M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg40Y Grit0923611-7/8 in x 29-1/2 in211.90$195.32
MMM-700710678243M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg36Y Grit0923711-7/8 in x 31-1/2 in236.30$217.81
MMM-700710678323M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg40Y Grit0923811-7/8 in x 31-1/2 in226.40$208.68
MMM-700710678403M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg36Y Grit092399-7/8 in x 29-1/2 in184.20$169.78
MMM-700710678573M™ Regalite™ Floor Surfacing Beltsdata/default/images/catalog/250/MMM-98070136654.jpg40Y Grit092409-7/8 in x 29-1/2 in176.40$162.59

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