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Red End® Engineer

Red End® Engineer's Folding Wood Rule

RED END® Engineer's Folding Wood Rule
ITEM# : 1066DMCT
BRAND : Red End
MANUFACTURER : Apex Tool Group

Lufkin® Red End® Folding Wood Rules are the first choice of carpenters and other professional craftsmen. Rule's bold red and black markings contrast sharply against white or yellow finish backgrounds while clear, abrasive-resistant coating protects markings. Other features include long wearing, riveted lock joints that eliminate end play and retain accuracy. Brass plated end clasps prevent wear as well. Features: Properties:

  • Graduated in millimeters and feet, 1per10ths and 1per100ths
  • The red foot figures and decimal points on the engineer's scale prevent reading errors
  • Regular outside markings in feet, inches and 1per16ths are highly visible black numbers and hash marks on the ruler's white background
  • Made in the USA

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