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SXT™ Heavy Weight Pads, Full Size /fed

SXT™ Heavy Weight Pads, Full Size /fed

SXT™ 15" x 19" Heavy Weight Pads, Full Size /fed, 100/Box
ITEM# : 107837SPC

  • SXT™ Heavy Weight, Full Size perfed, 100 per Box
  • Color: White
  • The ultimate oil only "wipe down" sorbent
  • High performance, oil only sorbent made to handle petroleum based spills
  • Remains intact even when saturated
  • Spunbound coverstock on both sides offers: Maximum durability and very low linting, both abrasion resistant and non-abrasive performance (ideal for workstations involving the wipe down of tools or component parts), and the extra strength required for the wringing and re-using of sorbents
  • perforated to help you use only what you need - reduces waste
  • Ideal for applications where low linting is required: High Tech Industries, Pharmaceutical, Machining of Small Parts, Paper Industry, and Food Processing

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