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GlobalMark®2 Color & Cut
GlobalMark®2 Color & Cut

GlobalMark®2 Color & Cut

Create your own custom signs, labels, pipe markers, tags and more on demand with this easy to use, industrial label printer.
ITEM# : 76801
BRAND : GlobalMark

The GlobalMark® Industrial Label Maker is a make-it-yourself industrial-grade, heavy-duty label-production printer. Users have the ability to print custom labels, tags, decals, badges, and signs on demand. Never before has an industrial-grade make-it-yourself printer empowered you to do so much with little more than your index finger. Brady's advanced touch-screen technology, powered by a Microsoft Windows® CE operating system, makes producing professional labels as fast and simple as...Touch, Print, Presto!!

Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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