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BMP 71 Label Printer
BMP 71 Label Printer

BMP71 Label Printer


The BMP™71 label maker can print over 400 different configurations on more than 30 different types of label materials – all designed with Brady’s industrial-strength durability.The BMP71 is the workhorse of the voice and data communications industry with top ratings for performance. The BMP71 is a professionals best friend but is also the best label printer for the consumer and prosumer.

PermaSleeve™, Self-Laminating, & Flag Labels to identify wires & cables.

Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl for electrical panels, pipes, racks, & more.

Polyester die-cut labels to identify components, equipment & more.

Raised Panel Labels as an economical alternative to engraving.

Add the optional accessories for compatability with the TLS2200 and the HandiMark® Portable Label Maker, and your label options are endless!

With hundreds of symbols and graphics, the BMP71 printer can transform your labels from basic text messages to highly effective communication vehicles.

Kit includes:

Hard Case & 1 Label Roll
1 Black Ribbon Cartridge
Rechargeable Battery Pack
AC Adaptor
USB Communications Cable
TLS 2200® / HandiMark®
Material Roll Adaptor
Quick Start Guide
Product CD (w/ Printer
Driver, Tutorials, Full User's Guide)
Cleaning Kit

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