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Brady LabelMark 5 Professional Software - E-Media, LM5PROE

Brady LabelMark 5 Professional Software - E-Media, LM5PROE

E-Delivery LabelMark 5 Labeling Software

This is the e-Media version of LabelMark™ 5 Professional Software. The e-Media version can be downloaded electronically for faster delivery. If you choose to purchase this package, you will receive an email with download instructions after your purchase is complete.

Choose the e-Media version and save! The electronic download of LabelMark software offers additional cost savings over the CD-ROM version.

The LabelMark™ 5 Professional Software package is the ultimate solution for labeling and identification software. The LabelMark 5 Professional version has all of the capability of the LabelMark 5 Standard version, as well as:

  • Manage/Use Serialization Schemes: Save complex serialization schemes (sets of multiple counters, or components, and serialization types) to use at a later date.
  • Manage/Use Import Data Schemes: Save complex import data schemes (or workflow maps with files, fields and records) so you do not have to re-enter data later on.
  • Insert/Edit an AutoCAD Object: Place full or partial AutoCAD drawings, or just text from a drawing, on a label by exporting directly from AutoCAD or importing from LabelMark.
  • Data Extraction Add-ins (MS Excel, MS Visio, AutoCAD): Create labels using full or partial Visio drawings by exporting directly from MS Visio; Extract fields of data directly from MS Excel and print the designed labels or save it for future use.
  • Copies Function: For printing multiple copies of a single label.
  • Wire Harness Sub-Wizard: For creating labels for wire harness applications.
  • Control Panel Sub-Wizard: For creating labels used on various types of control panels, including wire, face plate, push button, and terminal block.

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