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China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHE

China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHE

China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant)

As of March 1st, all "electronic information products" that are sold in the People's Republic of China shall be marked with pollution control logos for "electronic information products" in accordance with the requirements set in the Chinese RoHS Directive.

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BRA-RCHE-10-423-5China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/278529.jpgB-423Green on WhitePolyester0.394" (10 mm) Diameter264.79
BRA-RCHE-10-430-5China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/BRA-RCHE.jpgB-430Green on ClearPolyester0.394" (10 mm) Diameter279.56
BRA-RCHE-15-423-5China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/278530.jpgB-423Green on WhitePolyester0.591" (15 mm) Diameter352.02
BRA-RCHE-15-430-5China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/278546.jpgB-430Green on ClearPolyester0.591" (15 mm) Diameter357.09
BRA-RCHE-20-423-5China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/BRA-RCHE.jpgB-423Green on WhitePolyester0.787" (20 mm) Diameter403.85
BRA-RCHE-20-430-5China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/278547.jpgB-430Green on ClearPolyester0.787" (20 mm) Diameter409.20
BRA-RCHE-30-423-1China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/278532.jpgB-423Green on WhitePolyester1.181" (30 mm) Diameter111.28
BRA-RCHE-30-430-1China RoHS Label - e (RoHS Compliant), RCHEdata/default/images/catalog/250/BRA-RCHE.jpgB-430Green on ClearPolyester1.181" (30 mm) Diameter117.96

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