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Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Sign

Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Sign

Danger 400 volts electrical sign warns everyone of high voltage that could cause serious injury or death.
ITEM# : Electrical Hazard Sign

Electrical Hazard Sign

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BRA-25566Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Signdata/default/images/catalog/250/45181.jpgB-401BradyTuff™ Plastic7" H x 10" W8.12
BRA-25567Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Signdata/default/images/catalog/250/45182.jpgB-401BradyTuff™ Plastic10" H x 14" W12.11
BRA-43143Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Signdata/default/images/catalog/250/45183.jpgB-555BradyTuff™ Aluminum7" H x 10" W11.87
BRA-43144Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Signdata/default/images/catalog/250/45184.jpgB-555BradyTuff™ Aluminum10" H x 14" W19.74
BRA-70202Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Signdata/default/images/catalog/250/45185.jpgB-120Premium Fiberglass7" H x 10" W14.30
BRA-84929Danger 440 Volts, Electrical Hazard Signdata/default/images/catalog/250/45186.jpgB-302High Performance Polyester7" H x 10" W8.38

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