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13-Piece Personal Protection Kit, Plastic Case

13-Piece Personal Protection Kit, Plastic Case


Bodily fluids are formidable opponents, especially somebody else's. That's why it's not a good idea to deal with them unprotected. To help maintain a healthy barrier when administering first aid or while working with, cleaning up or disposing of biohazardous materials, we recommend one of this essential kit. Kit contents to change without notice.


  • Our 13-piece personal protection kit is designed to guard persons attending to the injured or ill
  • Many companies specifically require this kind of protection
  • Complete head-to-toe defenses against bio-hazardous contaminants are included and meet with federal OSHA recommendations
  • Products are contained in a sturdy, reusable plastic case that can be easily carried or mounted on a wall

Kit Includes::
  • (3) Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free)
  • (1) Disposable gown w/full sleeves
  • (1) Disposable bonnet
  • (2) Disposable shoe covers
  • (1) Eye shield with ear loop mask
  • (1) 24" X 24" Biohazard bag, 10 gallon capacity
  • (1) Twist tie
  • (1) 8" X 12" Clear plastic bag
  • (2) Exam quality vinyl gloves, 1 pair

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