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MSA Advantage N95 Respirator Prefilters - 10 Pack

MSA Advantage N95 Respirator Prefilters - 10 Pack

ITEM# : 815394MSA
BRAND : Advantage

The MSA Advantage N95 Prefilter pack contains 10 pre-filters that will fit any MSA Advantage Respirator Cartridge. Prefilters are used with chemical cartridges to trap the dust and mist particles that would not be filtered by the chemical cartridge. Prefilters help to give you even more protection with your MSA Advantage Respirator.

The MSA Advantage N95 Prefilters Feature:
  • Great balance and weight distribution.
  • Improved vision and comfort with the swept-back design.
  • Multi-layer composite construction for better durability and spark resistance.
  • Works with the MSA Advantage Respirator Cartridges.
  • NOT resistant to oils.
  • 10 pack of prefilters.

N95 respirators filters are NIOSH certified to have filter efficiency level of 95% or greater against non-oil based particulates.

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