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Brilliance 20 oz Oil-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner

Brilliance 20 oz Oil-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner

ITEM# : 249001QC

Brilliance Oil-Based Stainless Steel Cleaner is a non-abrasive cleaner that also polishes and protects. It does all the work too, and forms a protective shield that resists watermarks and rusting on stainless steel surfaces.


  • Excellent nonabrasive cleaner formulated for hospitals, offices, hotels, restaurants, lockers and institutions
  • Cleans, brightens, polishes and protects stainless steel
  • Can be equally effective for use on aluminum, chrome, formica, porcelain, and ceramic tile
  • Minimum effort is required to remove smudges, soil and stains quickly
  • Forms a shield that resists water marks and rusting
  • Use to clean fingerprints, smudges, grease and stains from stainless steel, formica, all metal surfaces, paneling, wood and plastics
  • HMIS Codes: H-1, F-2, R-1, P-A

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