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Greenscapes Bathroom Cleaner

Greenscapes Bathroom Cleaner

ITEM# : 297016QC

Greenscapes Oxygenated Cleaner & Degreaser bubbles dirt away with hydrogen peroxide, biodegradable surfactants and degreasers. It rinses clean away without leaving a residue. Excellent for spot cleaning carpets and laundry stains, too.


  • 12 per case
  • Concentrated heavy duty cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer and stain remover
  • Recognized under the EPA Design for the Environment (DfE)Formulator Program
  • Contains hydrogen peroxide, biodegradable surfactants and degreasers
  • Follow dilution chart for specific cleaning jobs
  • Leaves no residue, rinses freely with water
  • Contains no caustic or harmful solvents
  • For use on walls, floors, tile, vinyl upholstery, metal, porcelain, concrete and countertops
  • Removes grease, oil, grime, soap scum, lipstick, wax, food stains and dirt
  • Excellent for use as general purpose carpet spotter
  • Can also be used as a pre-spotter on soiled clothing prior to laundering

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