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Doom 20 oz Weed Killer Spray

Doom 20 oz Weed Killer Spray

ITEM# : 452001QC

Doom is a solvent-based weed killer that uses 2 and 4-D, plus Bromacil to take care of aggravating weeds wherever they occur. An upside down valve makes Doom easy to use and weeds stay gone for up to one year.


  • EPA registered solvent-based weed killer
  • Combination of 2, 4-D and Bromacil
  • This combination insures rapid top kill of all weeds and will also prevent future growth up to one year
  • Upside down valve allows ease of use; sprays upside down only
  • Excellent product for use on johnson grass, crabgrass, foxtail, barnyard grass, dandelions, weeds, lambs quarter and broomsedge
  • For industrial plants, loading docks, parking lots, fence rows, storage yards, tank farms, railroad sidings, homes and buildings
  • HMIS Codes: H-2, F-3, R-1, P-B

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