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Mr. Mechanic 16 oz Lubricant

Mr. Mechanic 16 oz Lubricant

ITEM# : 534001QC

Mr. Mechanic Lubricant is light mineral oil with a corrosion preventative in a petroleum distillate base that's dispensed from an aerosol can, making it better for use on small parts and spot applications. The spray also cuts down on waste from the inevitable drips and spills. Excellent for use in machine shops, assembly plants, repair shops and more.


  • Greaseless light-duty lubricant for general use
  • Contains a light mineral oil in a petroleum distillate base with a corrosion preventative for long lasting protection
  • Lubricates, penetrates and prevents rust, giving four way protection
  • Aerosol packaging allows convenient use on small parts and for spot applications, eliminates waste due to drips and spills
  • Do not apply in the presence of possible sources of ignition of residual liquid or vapors (such as active electrical circuits, switches, running motors or flames)
  • Lubricates and prevents corrosion of nuts, bolts, corroded parts, door hinges, locks, machine parts, gears, slides, wire cable and other turning and sliding parts
  • For use around garages, oil rigs, homes, machine shops, assembly plants, electronics repair shops, service stations, locksmiths, industrial shops, factories and air conditioner repair shops
  • HMIS Codes: H-1, F-3, R-1, P-A

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