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Slide Out 20 oz Dry Silicone Spray

Slide Out 20 oz Dry Silicone Spray

ITEM# : 538001QC


  • Food grade dry silicone spray designed to lubricate equipment used in the packaging and processing industry
  • Leaves a non-staining, dry, pure silicone film to lubricate moving parts, reducing friction and wear
  • Heat stable from -450°F to 450°F
  • Formulated as a release agent on seals and gaskets of tank closures
  • Lubricates all sliding surfaces except those you wish to paint
  • Excellent on RV slideouts
  • Use on sticking metal, wood, rubber and plastic
  • Apply to cutting tables, conveyors, heat sealing equipment and slicing equipment
  • Waterproofs leather, canvas, rubber and chrome surfaces
  • Safe on all plastics
  • Contains no Methylene chloride
  • Won't melt, freeze, gum or become rancid
  • HMIS Codes: H-1, F-3, R-1, P-B

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