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Moli-Guard 16 oz Dry Lubricant Spray

Moli-Guard 16 oz Dry Lubricant Spray

ITEM# : 544001QC

Moli-Guard is a dry-film lubricant that uses molybdenum disulfide, which withstands high-pressure and temperatures from -40°F to 600°F. Moli-Guard displaces moisture to prevent rust and corrosion and also reduces metal-to-metal contact, extending the life of your customers' equipment. An excellent product for construction jobs, machine shops, repair services and more.


  • Quick drying, nontacky finish adheres well to all metals, most plastics, glass and rubber
  • Molybdenum disulfide replaces graphite to free frozen surfaces, stop galling and seizing of metals and prevent chattering, extending the life of machinery and equipment
  • Provides a protective barrier that resists dust and abrasive particles and withstands water, oils, alkalis and most acids
  • Ideal for lubricating surfaces where a liquid lubricant is not practical
  • For lubrication of all metal moving parts including high speed gears, machine tools, pump assemblies, conveyors, bearings, wire cable, pipe, engines, heavy equipment
  • Areas of use include industrial plants, oil rigs, pipe yards, construction areas, machine shops, farm equipment, repair services, office machines, aircraft manufacturers and suppliers and commercial printers
  • HMIS Codes: H-2, F-3, R-1, P-B

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