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Ruthless 1 Gallon Paint and Varnish Remover

Ruthless 1 Gallon Paint and Varnish Remover

ITEM# : 603415QC


  • Nonflammable gel base paint remover penetrates deep to remove paint, decals, epoxy, lacquer, carbon deposits, silicone, simulated wood paneling, gaskets, glue, graffiti, and labels from most surfaces
  • Clings to all vertical surfaces, washes off with water or solvent
  • Safe to use on metal, brick, ceramic, wood, natural stone and tile surfaces
  • Contains a chemical seal to prevent evaporation of paint removing solvents
  • Areas of use include auto dealerships, paint shops, factories, motels, hotels, schools, hospitals, homes and restaurants
  • HMIS Ratings: H-3, F-2, R-0, P-X

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