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Obsolete Product
HD-50 5 Gallon Synthetic Cutting Fluid

HD-50 5 Gallon Synthetic Cutting Fluid

ITEM# : 612004QC


  • Totally synthetic (oil free) cutting and metal working fluid
  • Provides the lubricity and film strength of oils plus the cooling ability and cleanliness of water
  • Can be used for virtually all metal working applications, will not rust parts or equipment
  • Water miscible-dilutable with water in all proportions-forms clear solutions
  • Powerful lubricating qualities-multiple lubricants work together to meet the most demanding metal working operations
  • May be used to clean your equipment less expensively than many degreasers
  • Biodegradable and does not pollute
  • Reduces tool burning, increases tool life and is an excellent rust preventative
  • Areas of use include, oil tool manufacturers, machine shops, steel fabricators, metal working shops, automotive repair shops, and industrial plants
  • Can be used for lathe work, grinding, sawing, milling, drilling and tapping
  • HMIS Ratings: H-1, F-0, R-0, P-A

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