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Vroom 16 oz Starting Fluid

Vroom 16 oz Starting Fluid

ITEM# : 826001QC

With Vroom Starting Fluid, gasoline and diesel powered vehicles will start right up no matter how cold, wet or freezing the weather may be. Vroom keeps corrosion at bay preventing excess battery drain. It's also an upper cylinder lubricant that keeps things moving even when it's cold. NOTE: Do not use Vroom on glow plugs.


  • Designed to aid gasoline and diesel engines with quick and easy starting power in cold, wet or freezing weather
  • Prevents excessive battery drain
  • Functions after use as a corrosion inhibitor and upper cylinder lubricant
  • For use on all automobile, truck, lawnmowers, boats, chainsaws, tractors and other motors
  • Areas of use include machine shops, auto repair shops, truck stops, marinas, lawnmower repair shops and company fleet shops
  • HMIS Codes: H-2, F-4, R-0, P-G
  • NOTE: Do not use this product on glow plugs

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