3 Hot Tattoo Ideas for Men


Did you know that Men with tattoo are more attractive to women? You must have got an easy catch with your all time crush falling for you thanks to tattoo. Your body is like a blank book and having a best tattoo design can turn it into a beautiful work of art you will be proud of all time. If you want a beautiful tattoo that comes with your own meaning and a good visual attraction then it is time to get inked with the best tattoo you have in mind.

When it comes to best tattoo ideas, most men have idea of what exactly they want and at least will tell the story behind it. And others who need a little guidance. The decision about the size, content, and the location on the body is vital and significantly depends on you, so make the right choice.

Before going to that tattoo artist, we have made three excellent tattoo ideas that you can choose to turn your flesh into some good art.

  • Small Tattoo

It is no doubt good number of guys out there admire tattoos but have not made a decision to have one. If it is your first or second time getting inked, small tattoo is the best way to go. And consider having it in an area that is easy to conceal. But sincerely you are not the first person who would not want close circle to know the beautiful art you got in your body.

  • Tribal Tattoo

If you want to have something to do with tradition, culture, and masculinity or have something that is symbolic to centuries, then tribal tattoo is the smartest idea to go for. Having a professional artist who knows how this should turn out, with bold gradients and interchanging patterns then no doubt you are going for some epic art.

  • Lion Tattoo

Good number of people will choose animal imagery for tattoo anytime. Lion is the best in this category because it speaks a lot of masculinity, leadership, courage and superiority which is associated with man power.

These are just but three top pick in our list and according to demands. But the list is big! Going for wolf tattoo, owl tattoo, dragon, compass, 3D tattoo and the rest. Once you have made a choice, next thing is you don’t want to gamble with the artist who will do the work. Only go for professionals who however expensive but are on top of the game.

The tattoo heilbronn offers many more choices of male tattoo ideas and have professionals at tattoo work that can make you start liking your body again!