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3M™ Intake System Cleaner Kit, 08962

3M™ Intake System Cleaner Kit, 08962

A total fuel system cleaner when used in conjunction with 3M™ Throttle Plate Cleaner 08182 and 3M™ Fuel System Tank Additive 08813. Contains the 3M™ Intake System Cleaner Aerosol 08958.
ITEM# : 08962

This is the most complete package of intake system cleaning chemicals available. This 3-pack is designed with the professional user in mind, providing the cleaning agents to go through the upper intake and in the tank, while including an aerosol product to clean the throttle plate and air intake on fuel-injected gasoline engines. The 3M™ Intake System Cleaner 08958 is a unique and proprietary blend of the most effective cleaning chemicals available. This product is easily and effectively applied with the use of the 3M™ Intake System Aerosol Adaptor Kit 08960.

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