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3M™ Peltor FMT 120 Rally Intercom

3M™ Peltor FMT 120 Rally Intercom

The FMT 120 Rally Intercom provides clear, 2- way communications for drivers in the noisy cockpit of a Rally car. Connected to headsets, this driver/co-driver intercom system manages audio inputs and output volume.
ITEM# : FMT120

FMT120 Intercom provides full duplex connection. Audio output (AUX) enables sound recording of communications between driver and co-driver. Separate volume controls for driver and co-driver. Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted using attenuation switch (Default setting for driver's microphone sensitivity is 10dB lower than co-driver's). EXT connection for mobile phone or communication radio. Connection for push to talk (PTT) button. Compatible with Peltor G78 rally helmet. Can be used with either dynamic or electret microphone. Works with 9V battery. LED indicator for On/Off and low battery.

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