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Scotch(R) High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737S, Make To Order

Scotch(R) High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737S, Make To Order

ITEM# : 4737S

Scotch(R) High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737S is a vinyl paint masking tape for fascia, rocker panels, two-tone and other multiple color applications where critical paint break lines are required. Scotch(R) High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737S has a conformable backing that is designed for uniform stretching to help create better paint lines. The adhesive and backing work together to reduce paint seepage to a minimum. It can be used successfully with most solvent or water-based paint systems. It will give outstanding color separation due to the thinness of the product. Provides smooth trimmed edges to create a continuous straight paint line. Has a vinyl backing that is heat resistant for one piece removal to help save time. Functions with modern, high temperature bake cycles to hold under heat strain yet removes cleanly. Has minimal neck down when stretched for accurate paint lines. Ideal for conformable/low glare that applies easily and remains in place in areas of tight radii and depressions, helping to increase operating productivity. A rubber adhesive that is paint/solvent resistant to help minimize clean-up of adhesive residue and rejects due to paint undercutting. Designed for indoor use only as it should not be subjected to outdoor exposure. Typical physical and performance characteristics include: thickness: 5.1 mils, adhesion to steel: 14 oz./in. width, tensile strength: 16 lbs./in. width, elongation at break: 150%, temperature use range: Up to 325(deg)F. Blue.

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