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MRO Plus, Medium Weight Pad

MRO Plus, Medium Weight Pad

MRO Plus, 15" x 19", Medium Weight Pad, 100/Case
ITEM# : 107730SPC

MRO Plus is SPC's number one universal sorbent and comes in several weights and sizes. Its 3-ply construction absorbs all industrial liquids, is more durable and reduces lint. Can be used basically anywhere there's a drip, leak or spill including machine, maintenance and liquid storage areas. Properties:

  • MRO Plus Medium Weight, 100perBox
  • Color: Gray
  • SPC's number one universal sorbent and the standard in all-purpose, gray maintenance sorbents
  • Absorbs all industrial liquids (water, petroleum and chemical-based fluids)
  • 3-ply construction makes it stronger, more durable and reduces lint
  • perforated to help you use only what you need - reduce waste
  • Gray color masks drips and spills
  • Applications: Anywhere there is a leak, drip or spill such as productionpermachine areas, maintenance areas, liquid storage areas, and under assembly lines or equipment

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