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Brady LabelMark 5 Standard Software - CD-ROM, LM5STDCD

Brady LabelMark 5 Standard Software - CD-ROM, LM5STDCD

CD-ROM LabelMark 5 Labeling Software

This is the CD-ROM version of LabelMark™ 5 Standard Software.

LabelMark 5 Standard Software offers a variety of new tools and features for data management, label design and label printing.

  • Online Software Updates: Download software updates directly from the Brady website.
  • Manage Custom Parts: Create user-defined label parts (can be factory-created stock parts or completely original) that can be exported and shared with other users.
  • Create New, Based on Selected Labels: Create a new label set based on pre-designed label parts.
  • Error Checking Utility: Automatically checks for formatting errors and allows you to edit the information prior to printing.
  • Edit/Use a Template File: Create new label files based on pre-formatted label templates.
  • Label Object Property Window: When a label element is selected, a properties box displays that can be used to make changes to the element.
  • Part Printer Driver Association: Assign specific label materials to certain printers, and the software will create default printing settings that reflect the same part/printer association for future labeling jobs.

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