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Brady LabelMark 5 Standard Software - E-Media, LM5STDE

Brady LabelMark 5 Standard Software - E-Media, LM5STDE

E-Delivery LabelMark 5 Labeling Software

This is the e-Media version of LabelMark™ 5 Standard Software. The e-Media version can be downloaded electronically for faster delivery. If you choose to purchase this package, you will receive an email with download instructions after your purchase is complete.

Choose the e-Media version and save! The electronic download of LabelMark software offers additional cost savings over the CD-ROM version.

LabelMark 5 Standard Software offers a variety of new tools and features for data management, label design and label printing.

  • Online Software Updates: Download software updates directly from the Brady website.
  • Manage Custom Parts: Create user-defined label parts (can be factory-created stock parts or completely original) that can be exported and shared with other users.
  • Create New, Based on Selected Labels: Create a new label set based on pre-designed label parts.
  • Error Checking Utility: Automatically checks for formatting errors and allows you to edit the information prior to printing.
  • Edit/Use a Template File: Create new label files based on pre-formatted label templates.
  • Label Object Property Window: When a label element is selected, a properties box displays that can be used to make changes to the element.
  • Part Printer Driver Association: Assign specific label materials to certain printers, and the software will create default printing settings that reflect the same part/printer association for future labeling jobs.

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