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Ultratech Concrete Washout Filter, 3500

Ultratech Concrete Washout Filter, 3500

Filter The Liquid. Recycle The Aggregate. Solve Your Washout Dilemma.
ITEM# : 3500


  • Top Chamber allows rinsing of truck chutes, tools, mixers, etc. - collects bulk of the aggregate, gravel, sand, etc. Water runs out slots in the sidewalls and down into the middle chamber.
  • Middle Chamber has a porous bottom and a screen over the holes. Small grit, sand and sediment that escapes the Top Chamber is filtered out.
  • Filter Pod and Neutralization Powder combine an array of specially formulated chemicals - sediment is pulled out of suspension and pH is reduced.
  • Shroud inside of the Bottom Chamber helps prevent the exit of any floatables and makes sure only water that has had some residence time in the
  • Bottom Chamber is allowed to exit the Chamber.
  • 25' hose (optional) may be used to allow the discharge to be directed onto grass or vegetation.
  • Polishing Sock (optional) attaches to hose or discharge port and removes more fine particles for areas with more stringent turbidity requirements.
  • The average Filter Pod will handle about 1,250- 1,500 gallons of washout or approximately 100 washouts. Neutralization Packets are single use and are sold in packages of 10.
  • Lightweight and small in footprint; only 34 lbs. and 23” diameter x 37” height.
  • Helps meet NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26 (1999)

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