What You Can Expect with a Made to Measure Suit – Your Top Questions Answered

Some people, when they hear the term ‘made to measure’ have the mistaken impression that it is expensive and meant only for men who consider themselves ‘fashionistas’ – but this is hardly the case, especially today. Yes, there are indeed men who value how they dress and present themselves to other people and spend a lot of time (and of course, money) on their clothing choices, but more men are also becoming keenly aware of the importance of a good suit. Suits aren’t just for special events, after all – all men past a certain age should have a good suit, as you never know when you may need one. More than this, a good suit is an investment which is sure to last for a long time, and this brings us to the relevance of made to measure suits. So what makes made to measure suits a worthwhile investment? What can you expect with a made to measure suit? Here, your top questions are answered.

  • A more suitable fit 

Whilst you can always go for an off-the-rack or ready-to-wear suit, there’s nothing quite like the fit of a made to measure suit. You are, after all, wearing something that’s expressly made for your body and body type. You want a suit that flatters you rather than makes you look sloppy, and a made to measure suit will do just that. When you have a made to measure suit, you can adjust some key aspects, including the neck area, the sleeve length, and the length of the actual suit, and you can have a suit that fits you perfectly and is comfortable as well.

  • The use of good materials 

Let’s face it: the focus of those who make off-the-rack suits isn’t really on the use of good materials. The system works so that they can mass-produce suits with the use of industrial machinery. But the same isn’t true for made to measure suits. Made to measure suits are heavily scrutinised by professionals who look at every detail of the suit and make sure that everything is done as precisely as possible. These professionals also follow the right stitches for every inch – and this adds to the durability of the fabric. What’s more, with a made to measure suit, you can choose the kind of fabric you want, whether it’s wool, cotton, blended fibres, artificial fibres, or silk – and this gives you the advantage of a suit that fits your environment and where you live.


  • Choose different elements 

Perhaps one of the biggest draws of made to measure suits is the fact that you can choose different elements – and in doing so, you can highlight your style and preference. You can showcase your individuality with a made to measure suit because you can select elements such as the colour, the design of the collar, and other prime features such as the shape of the pockets, the shape of the cuffs, and whether or not you want a pattern for your suit. With the design of the collar, for instance, you can opt for the conventional point, the button down, the spread, or even the tab collar or pin collar – the choice is up to you, but just make sure it goes well with the shape of your upper body and face, complementing it and your style as well.


Image attributed to Pixabay.com